I was first introduced to reflexology by a friend who I was working with when I was nursing in Derbyshire in the early 90’s. I was fascinated how the therapist could tell so much about me and my body while working over my feet. I had to learn more, so I decided to train in the therapy myself. I juggled work, study and bringing up a family – I had more energy then! Later, I worked at a hospice and saw how complementary therapies were being introduced into the palliative care setting. In 2003 I studied Indian Head Massage at a college in Worcestershire, which I really enjoyed. My husband and I moved up to Lewis in 2005 to live and work on a croft. I work from home practising the therapies as well as in the WICCI centre.

Jane offers Reflexology and Indian Head Massage at the WICCI Centre

Reflexology treatment involves massaging the feet or hands to work on pressure points which correspond to the body’s systems. It is thought that there are energy channels in the body which may become blocked. Applying pressure to specific reflex areas on the feet or hands can help to ease the problem areas. The benefits of the treatment are improved joint movement in the feet and ankles, increased blood and lymphatic flow to the feet and lower legs, stress reduction and relaxation. The treatment is usually done on a couch.

Indian Head Massage is a therapeutic technique which focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, arms and upper back. It helps improve circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, reduces muscle and joint pain and induces relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. The client does not need to undress and the treatment is done while they are sitting in a chair.