So hello! I’m Holly – I’ve been living on Lewis for 15 years now with my young family and it is a real privilege to be part of this community. It was in the early days of parenthood that I started to look to mindfulness. I found it tough and wanted to find something to support me and my family. Something to help me be able to weather the storm and know what to do when it’s wild out there and it truly has transformed my life.

After practicing for around ten years I decided to further my study and begin teaching and sharing mindfulness with others and I get such a huge amount of joy from being able to do this (as well as teaching yoga). Day to day, mindfulness helps me and has improved my health in countless ways and it also helps me to deeply relax whenever I need it, too. Getting to share it with others, really does hugely magnify the benefit in so many ways.

“You are the sky and everything else, it’s just the weather” -Pema Chödrön

This, one of my favourite quotes, sums up mindfulness so well. You are the sky and everything else: feelings, experiences, emotions, challenges, every other part of life is the weather – always changing. Life brings a lot of ever changing weather, mindfulness helps us to see and begin to understand that we are not the weather, we are not defined by what’s happening to us. And it shows us how to breathe and thrive through it all. To be able to relax and let go, even when times are hard.