Who doesn’t want to reduce their stress and increase relaxation? That’s what I asked myself after having a massage. Whilst working in England in my early 20’s I decided I would like to learn some massage techniques which would benefit the residents of the nursing home where I worked. After moving back to Stornoway I worked in home care and after having my daughter 7 years ago I decided I wanted to have a total career change. I studied hairdressing at Lews Castle College, after qualifying started my own business, which works well for me and my daughter. It was then I decided to refresh my massage skills and I now offer both. I do mobile hairdressing and rent a room in Body & Sole for massage therapy as well as doing a few days at WICCI.

Indian Head Massage – a non invasive massage given to the head, shoulders, neck scalp and face. A range of different massage movements are used to improve circulation and may help with relieving stress and fatigue.

Feet and Leg Massage – a relaxing and gentle treatment which can relax your body and mind, improve your mood, relieve tension and pain in muscles and can improve circulation. A recent study in Canada showed that a foot massage helped people affected by cancer who were experiencing nausea and pain as a result of treatment and also increased energy levels.