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WICCI Virtual AGM – coming soon

It is nearly time for the annual WICCI AGM, which will be a virtual event this year…if we can work out the technology!

Before we publish the dates and notice of AGM, we thought we would highlight that you can become a member of WICCI anytime by filling out the form attached.  Becoming a member enables you to then stand as a Board Member…and we have a number of vacancies this year to fill.

Currently, we have the following Trustees on the WICCI Board and have room for 12 in total:

  • Donald Macleod – Chairman
  • Iain Macaulay – Vice Chair
  • Lindsay Macleod – Treasurer
  • Christina MacIver
  • Jessie Murray
  • Don Maclean
  • Margaret Eaves
  • Mabel Macleay

If you were interested in standing as a WICCI Trustee, please get in touch – office@wicci.org.uk or 01851706721.

We would be particularly keen to have some representation from the Southern Isles.  Membership Form Aug20